Reputation is our silent salesman

Our service provision is twofold, we provide professional building / construction expertise on one side of the ring in the Blue Corner
and fine quality workmanship in most trades in the Red Corner, this creates a harmonious team advance forward,
on time, on cost, on any sized project.


Why move?
Why uproot your children from their friends & schools when they are clearly happy where they are?
Why uproot you & your spouse, when you evedentley liked the location in the first place and have to adjust your circle of close friends & your comute?
Why move to a larger house probably pay in excess of £100,00.00 for the upgrade and then still need to spend more money on that, to create your own living environment?


We can provide Inexpensive / Affordable Modifications to your existing home, through Side & Rear Extensions & Loft Conversions, bringing in changes at the same time to optimise your best Space Utilisation and finishing in materials that suit your tastes.


Our Drawing fees are inexpensive and in the long run you save money.


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If you would like to find out more about the services we have to offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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We provide Project and Site Management in all Contracts as Standard.

In today’s Construction market, Developers or Individual House Owners can choose to commence with works on an independent sub-contractual basis with Brickies, Roofers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers etc, rather than using a large main contractor. Whilst this is probably a cheaper form of construction, it creates mayhem for planning of the project (all works in the correct order), maintaining the programme & overall budgetary costs. Which may eventually lead to disputes and definitely time delays.


When we first meet, all parties concerned are very amicable and we want it to stay that way through the whole Project, after all it is better to work in a congenial happy environment than an angry one.

Our Slogan is : ‘Reputation is our silent salesman’ and we want to keep it that way.

At all times, we liaise with Building Control on all Contracts and with Gas, Water & Electricity Boards (If necessary).

We arrange all necessary certificates for Electrical Testing & Gas Safe when applicable on Completion and arrange for your Finals Certificate from Building Control on completion, so that you can sell your house with ease when required.


We Know how to build through our wealth of experience, we also know all the latest Building Regulations & Materials for the current National Legislation. We also advise on the ultimate use of Space Utilisation for your family environment and Finishing Materials for the value of money.


Planning your Usable Environment to the best advantage that can be achieved, whilst defining absolutely the Exterior Look of your project, from Window & Door positions to Roof Lines etc, returning to the Planning Department later with Changes, is a major cost in time delay.


Planning the Project thoroughly from the prospective; for labour & materials arrival (As most houses do not have excessive available space for storage of materials & skips), to the family living environment (to remove as much Upheaval & Stress as possible) and to maintain the projects smooth running, cost effectiveness & duration, is a must.


When Building in today’s Environment, we must apply all current standards of Ecology, from the minimum ‘U’ Factors of Walls & Roofs, through to the FENSA standards for Windows, Exterior Doors & Glass, to obtain the House the best Environment Ecology certificate possible.

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